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The Dart


The BMFA DART is a proven powered flying model with rubber providing the power to a 14cm twin bladed propeller. The DART is constructed of balsa wood for the fuselage, support frame and ribs for the wings, rudder and horizontal tail. It has a wingspan of 30cm and overall length of 32cm.
Comprehensive step by step instructions along with a printed plan which forms the ‘skin’ of the wings and tail is supplied with the BMFA DART Kit. It can be flown in a sports hall or outdoors on a calm day and is an ideal project for a competition or flying display.

Key Points

  • Requires accurate working & some supervision
  • Uses PVA glue, scissors, safe sharp craft knife, pins, tape, cardboard for work surface.
  • Duration 4 weeks

Topics covered

  • Forces on aircraft
  • Basic principles of flight
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