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Copyright of material on Imagineering Web site and Trade Mark notice
The information e.g. photographs, images and illustrations, sound and video recordings, graphics, artwork, text, animation (collectively called ‘Content’) contained in this Website is protected by copyright laws.

These copyright laws are the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 as amended. Copyright is one of several Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), which also includes Patents, Trade Marks and Designs. Copyright can cover issues such as moral rights, database rights, publication rights, rental and lending rights and performer’s rights.

The names, marks, images and logos identifying the Imagineering Foundation or related partners and people are proprietary marks of these organisations and individuals and may not be reproduced without their prior written permission.

The Imagineering visual identity is the property of the Imagineering Foundation and should be used only as set out in the Design Guidlines. The Imagineering Foundation reserves the right to withdrawn permission to use the Imagineering visual identity if it is being used inappropriately or in direct contravention of the Design Guidelines.

Anyone republishing material from the Imagineering Website without permission is liable for any resulting infringement of copyright.

Every effort has been made to locate copyright holders of materials included on this Website in order to obtain their permission to publish it.

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