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So many fun education events for schools have gone digital online this year, since the coronavirus pandemic, but Imagineering has some free downloadable materials to provide fun engagement and hands-on activities, especially if schools cannot run their Imagineering or STEM Clubs at present.

EDDIE’S ACTIVITIES are FREE to download here.

All easy to do using simple materials and no major tools – but should be undertaken under adult supervision. Have fun!

HAVE FUN WITH MATHS - some ‘tricks’ and finishing with sequences - download here

Why not try DICING WITH MATHS - but don’t forget to use just one dice! Download here

Have a go at these easy WORD SEARCHES - for an understanding of the vocabulary of mathematics for younger pupils. Download here.

And for older students ENGINEERS & INVENTORS We are surrounded everyday by the impact of the inventions and discoveries of the most exciting and extraordinary inventors and engineers - men and women who have shaped the world in which we live. This document matches the names to the discoveries and turns the spotlight on some famous and not-so-famous names. Download here

We have also provided a number of other support documents which are helpful additional resources for teachers and tutors when schools open up again..

​Download these documents to help you to provide fuller learning experience for your pupils.

There are also useful Powerpoint presentations on Basic Tools and the Magnetic Compass. More to be added soon.

Detailed National Curriculum links for each of the Imagineering projects can be found on the next tab,

Young girl using a morse key buzzer in a classroom

I view involvement of National Grid staff as Imagineering Club tutors as a great development opportunity for our young people

NICK WINSER, Group Director UK & US Transmission
National Grid plc

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