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Imagineering is a highly successful initiative with a proven track record for sustainability and quality. It is designed to develop and hold young people's interest and influence them in a positive way to make informed choices about the subjects they study and the career path they ultimately choose. However, the Imagineering Foundation is an independent education charity and dependent on grants, sponsorship, donations in cash or kind and volunteer support.

There are many ways in which individuals, manufacturers and organisations can become involved in this exciting initiative and it is not only professionally rewarding but also thoroughly enjoyable.


There are opportunities to fund special events and projects such as:

  • Imagineering Clubs,
  • Imagineering Fairs and events
  • other promotional opportunities and marketing projects
  • special projects including those at the Imagineering Jaguar Land Rover Partnership Centre at Gaydon, Warwickshire
  • There is also a need for ongoing finance for administration costs to run the Clubs and Fairs and to expand the Foundation’s activities.


This can cover items such as:

  • storage space,
  • administrative support, postage,
  • stationery, materials and equipment,
  • loan of equipment,
  • in-house services such as AV technical support and printing.


There is an ongoing need for volunteer engineer tutors to run the Imagineering Clubs to maintain and extend the network, or to act as guide engineers or mentors. The weekly Clubs, aimed at 9-12 year olds at Key Stage 2 amd 3, take place throughout the school term. Youngsters learn basic skills using simple tools and have fun while making a series of working models from kits, linked to real world applications. Ideally an engineer tutor, with practical skills, a background in industry or a basic understanding of engineering, science or design principles, heads each class with the help of class teachers and helpers. The hands-on activities include making devices such as a telescope or micrometer, all of which they are allowed to keep. Inter-Engineering Clubs are now growing providing more advanced activities.


To spread the word about Imagineering and keep the spark alive, it is essential for more schools to start out-of-school Imagineering Clubs – after school, at lunchtimes or even at breakfast time - and Imagineering activity can dovetail with the main school timetable. Community Centres can also start Clubs and secondary schools and colleges can help support Clubs in their feeder schools.


Imagineering Fairs and events offer ideal opportunities to support the initiative by taking a stand and developing hands-on activities for children, offering financial support or encouraging employees to offer their time. Some of these events depend heavily on volunteers, many of whom may only be able to donate a few hours of time over a weekend but whose help is no less valuable.

Other promotional opportunities occur throughout the year to promote Imagineering, at conferences and workshops – support is always welcome, financial or volunteers, and the presence of supporting organisations.


The Imagineering Steering Group is a lively dynamic group of dedicated volunteers who are always happy to welcome newcomers who would like to become involved in progressing Imagineering. The initiative is growing rapidly with new projects and ideas in the offing but as ever, what are most important are resources, financial and human.

For further information please contact us via our “contact”: page or complete the downloadable enquiry form

Young boy looking through a cardboard tube telescope outside

The practical engineering tasks provided to capture the imagination of the young people visiting the 2005 Bath & West Imagineering Fair were nothing less than inspirational and clearly stimulated an interest in engineering in all its forms.

Rear Admiral Terry Loughran CB, Chairman of FLY NAVY Heritage
Chairman of Fleet Air Arm Museum

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