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The Imagineering Club projects have all been assessed against the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Fuse Tester

​The individual files below also contain Pupil Record Sheets.

Click on the project titles to open a downloadable PDF file.

General Overview of all projects


AM Radio

Balloon Car

Electric Car

Fuse Tester


Hydraulic Arm

Letter Balance

Magnetic Compass


Moisture Sensor

Morse Key & Buzzer

Resistor Chart

Robot Duck

Slide Rule

Solder Practice

Steady Hand Game

The Imagibot

The Dart

Wind Turbine

Young girl using a morse key buzzer in a classroom

I really enjoy Imagineering because I get to make all sorts of strange contraptions I’d never even dreamed of making before.

Tom Dolton , Student (Year 6)
Bearwood Primary School Imagineering Club

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