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The Imagineering Club projects have all been assessed against the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Fuse Tester

‚ÄčThe individual files below also contain Pupil Record Sheets.

Click on the project titles to open a downloadable PDF file.

General Overview of all projects


AM Radio

Balloon Car

Electric Car

Fuse Tester


Hydraulic Arm

Letter Balance

Magnetic Compass


Moisture Sensor

Morse Key & Buzzer

Resistor Chart

Robot Duck

Slide Rule

Solder Practice

Steady Hand Game

The Imagibot

The Dart

Wind Turbine

Young boy winding the propeller on a model helicopter outside

The practical engineering tasks provided to capture the imagination of the young people visiting the 2005 Bath & West Imagineering Fair were nothing less than inspirational and clearly stimulated an interest in engineering in all its forms.

Rear Admiral Terry Loughran CB, Chairman of FLY NAVY Heritage
Chairman of Fleet Air Arm Museum

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