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Junior EngineeringInter-Engineering

The first session of a club sets the scene. It encourages the students to consider what is an Engineer, and what does an Engineer do. It encourages them to be interactive by thinking and explaining roles and fields of work that an engineer may operate in.

The session also allows the Tutor to introduce themselves to the students and describe their background to them and the way in which they are involved in Engineering. The ethos of Imagineering needs to be conveyed to the students, in so much that it is SAFE, FUN and provides a HANDS ON and ENJOYABLE LEARNING environment.

Other administrative tasks are undertaken such as gathering the student names, providing them with name labels, folders to keep their notes & instructions in. Providing them with storage for their incompleted projects from week to week.

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Key Points

  • Aim of Imagineering
  • What is an Engineer
  • Duration 1 week

Topics covered

  • Introduce oneself
  • How the club operates
  • What is expected of students
  • The projects we will be building
  • Listening skills
  • Fun, Safety & Learning
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