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Junior Engineering

The British Model Flying Association (BMFA) Aeroglide Mark II kit is a great project to start your new Imagineering Club with. It requires assembly with just normal school pva glue and scissors for cutting out the card. This can be useful, because it’s possible this early on at the start of a new Club that the toolkit hasn’t arrived yet and this is required for more complex projects.

Very basic principles of aerodynamics can be covered, and there are comprehensive notes from the BMFA to help you.

Once complete the students can have a great fun time flying their newly built aeroglides outside and it is always a fun challenge to see who’s glider flies the furthest.

model glider made of card and balsa wood

Key Points

  • Simple first model to build
  • Uses normal school tools (glue/scissors/ruler)
  • Duration 2 weeks

Topics covered

  • Introduces Aerodynamics
  • Lift and drag
  • Forces on an aircraft
  • Centre of gravity
  • Stability in flight – Wing dihedral - Control surfaces
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Instructions ⁄ Notes

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