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Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar was a founder member of the Imagineering initiative in 1999 and has been a major exhibitor at the Imagineering Fair at Town & Country Festival for 5 years. Landrover got involved in Imagineering in 2002 when a number of engineers became volunteer tutors at Imagineering Clubs.

Today 16 engineers from PAG (Premier Automotive Group) are now tutors in 20 Imagineering Clubs while 50 volunteers help each day at the three-day Imagineering Fair at the Town & Country Festival.

The Fair is a good community project for Jaguar which last year attracted 50,000 visitors of all ages. Forty-seven graduates from PAG are already preparing 5 exhibits for the 2005 Imagineering Fair.This forms part of their community involvement and satisfies part of the competency criteria towards gaining membership into the various Institutes. It also helps the communication and leadership development of young engineers. Jaguar and Landrover fully supports the need to encourage engineers of the future and to address the future skills gap.


National Grid

NICK WINSER Group Director UK & US Transmission
Chief Executive, National Grid Electricity Transmission plc
“In common with the US and Western Europe we continually face the challenge of recruiting and developing skilled engineers. National Grid’s strategy is to nurture our own future engineers by strategic recruitment and training of graduates and apprentices. However to ensure that we continue to have enough applicants for the ‘traineeships’ National Grid is committed to getting involved with organisations like Imagineering. Imagineering attempts to ensure that young people (8-16 year olds) are engaged and enthusiastic about engineering in its broadest sense. Imagineering relies on volunteers to run after school clubs to allow this engagement to occur. I view involvement of National Grid staff as Imagineering Club tutors as a great development opportunity for our young people.”

Helge Urdal, National Grid co-ordinator of Imagineering activity
National Grid has recently provided one of the largest stands at the annual Imagineering Fairs with a wide range of challenges for the visiting children. Next year, National Grid again intends to excite and challenge 1000’s of youngsters. National Grid also sponsor the Imagineering web site. National Grid would like to see more Utilities giving support to Imagineering.


Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

The Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, REME, was established in October 1942 to deal with the increase of complex technical equipment used by the Army during World War II. Recruiting young people for service in the Corps of REME is a vital activity and a difficult one, exacerbated by the shortage of engineering skills. Imagineering targets the engineers of the future at a young age, keeps their interests healthy and encourages them to follow future engineering careers, some of which will hopefully look towards the Corps of REME.

REME tradesmen today maintain, repair and modify all the Army’s, mechanical, electrical, electronic and aeronautical equipment. This is why REME is one of the Army’s most skilled and technical Corps, employing very capable and trained professionals constantly delivering practical solutions in a uniquely challenging environment.

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