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The Imagineering Foundation would not be able to function without the help of all our "Partners". This area of our website is dedicated to celebrating their support of the Foundation's cause and activities.

We would like to offer our thanks to all of the Foundation’s Sponsors and Supporters who have in some way helped the Imagineering Foundation in its operation and cause.

Special thanks are due to all our volunteer Club Tutors who continue provide their time & enthusiasm in running the Imagineering Clubs. Thanks also to the Teacher volunteers supporting Clubs at schools. Without you, the Clubs would not run!

Our Key Partners are those who we wish to celebrate their close working relationship with us across all of our activities and all of our Supporters are shown in a further section detailing in which way they contribute their assistance to the Foundation.

If you wish to Support the Imagineering Foundation however big or small, in any way at all, please see our Get Involved section here.

Three children bending wire with pliers to make a steady hand game

The practical engineering tasks provided to capture the imagination of the young people visiting the 2005 Bath & West Imagineering Fair were nothing less than inspirational and clearly stimulated an interest in engineering in all its forms.

Rear Admiral Terry Loughran CB, Chairman of FLY NAVY Heritage
Chairman of Fleet Air Arm Museum

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