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2 Feb 2017


​21st London Model Engineering Exhibition

From the air - 21st London Model Engineering Exhibition
Imagineering Workshop - getting down to it
Aerial view of the Imagineering stand
Someone's first experience of Meccano!
Stretching the imagination with straws
Balloon Buggy racing was very popular
Surprising what can be done with rolled up paper tubes!

This special event in the stunning Great Hall of the Alexandra Palace has been a regular on the Imagineering fixtures list for a decade. This year the organisers, Meridienne Exhibitions, were celebrating the 21st anniversary of the event.

The Exhibition features displays of stunning scale models of planes, steam engines and boats, too fragile and expensive for children to play with although providing inspiration for what they can achieve if they learn some skills.

However at Imagineering there were loads of activities in the Model Active Zone where children could have some hands-on fun and actually touch things.

They could learn to use tools with the make-and-take Steady Hand Game on the Imagineering Workshop.

There were Magnetic and Materials Challenges where they could learn about everyday items and what they are made of.

Some new Maths Puzzles and Tricks got the adults thinking too!

The Morse Key Buzzer Stations revealed some hidden skills from adults’ younger days!

Conductivity Challenge always attracts a crowd with the hands-on discovery of what conducts electricity - and what doesn’t.

There was a chance to stretch the imagination with some Bridge Building with straws.

The Balloon Buggy building and racing caused much excitement (and the team ran out of kits!)

A chance to sit and make up small models was some children’s first experience of marvellous Meccano!

Making a Mechanical Hand with card, string, straws and glue fascinated many.

And for the youngest there was a card cutout of a LandRover to colour and cut out at home.

With the usual display and promotion of the Imagineering Clubs projects, this was one of the busiest stands at the event.

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