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8 Jun 2018


​Taking part in Countryside Days

Two members of Imagineering’s northern team took part in the Yorkshire Agricultural Society’s Countryside Days event.

The two-day event offered Key Stage 2 children the opportunity to experience all aspects of food, farming, the countryside and healthy living. It involved a variety of workshops and arena displays including rural crafts, birds of prey, farm animals, the legendary Sheep Show, pond dipping and many more.

For some pupil the event also included 30 minute sessions with Imagineering’s Helge Urdal and Philip Purkis. The sessions - 6 a day - covered:

  • Intro – What does an engineer do?
  • Conductivity – Link them all up in a circle. Then use a couple of them to find the correct answer to the questions of conductivity of a variety of materials, including of course cucumber and carrot in this agricultural context
  • Mystery objects – identify objects sent around: an element from a kettle, a headlamp from a car and a magnetron from a microwave oven
  • Motors – petrol – identify again objects: a piston, a subassembly of a cylinder with piston and crankshaft and also a spark-plug. How does the petrol vapour ignite? Demo of Jacobs ladder showing sparks flying up the “ladder”.
  • Motors – electric – Introduce “going electric” with demos of a wide range of useful or at least amusing motor applications. Robot duck, movement of a tiny CD reader head, a model of Einstein holding his E=MC² suspended on a spring with a motor system making him jump eventually synchronized making big leaps demo of agricultural grain drier based on a fan and motor made up for the event and a motor drive in a cassette player.
  • Magnets – Permanent magnets, compass, electro magnets. Demo of how to confuse the compass with the electro-magnets and everyone having a go with a permanent magnet to create patterns of iron filings.

The sessions fascinated pupils and teachers alike - and one teacher was interested in how to start an Imagineering Club!

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