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Imagineering Fairs and events are highly successful and hugely popular in their own right but are dependent on benefactors and sponsors. However, they provide a wealth of benefits and opportunities.

Companies and Organisations

Companies and organisations can support Imagineering Fairs with cash, prizes or in kind. Active participation in the Fairs, providing fun hands-on indoor or outdoor activities for children offers exciting opportunities:

  • to promote their own organisations and recruitment opportunities cost-effectively, before, during and after the event
  • for personal and professional development of employees taking part or managing the project
  • to complete Corporate Social Responsibility compliance and to develop a closer relationship with the community
  • to promote engineering and manufacturing in general to help to develop a skills base for the future
  • to be part of highly successful and fun events regularly attracting thousands of visitors.

Educational Establishments

For universities, colleges and other educational organisations attendance at the Fairs means:

  • free space to promote the college or university and its courses to the public
  • support for National Curriculum-based activity
  • raising awareness of careers in engineering and technology
  • opportunities to learn about modern technology and engineering and its applications in the everyday world.


The organisation and management of Imagineering Fairs and events depends heavily on the help and support of volunteers - and they too can benefit from taking part:

  • to have fun and gain new experience
  • to contribute actively to promoting engineering to young people.


  • Download the corporate leaflet below for more information on the benefits of being involved and there is also an enquiry form -
  • and a couple of points to remember:
  • the main condition for taking part in the Fairs is that there are fun hands-on activities for youngsters - typically operating, assembling, puzzling
  • activities at each stand should only take a few minutes
  • prizes can be offered for some activities but items to take away (especially if they have been made by the children) are always welcome
  • donations in cash or kind are also welcome to support each event.
Young girl bending wire with pliers to make a steady hand game
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